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Volkan Ömeroğlu, who has professionally practicing kick boxing and muaythai sports for 19 years and has focused on coaching since 2012; he has earned countless medals and trophies in his career and he has given license to more than 2000 students, and has brought many students to the national team. Being the champion of Professional K-1 in 2019, Ömeroğlu is the first and only belt-owned sportsman and coach in the gulf.

Coach Volkan Ömeroğlu founded the Irmak Clup with the current President of club Nurhan Irmak in 2013 and hosted many local / foreign athletes by hosting many official matches since its establishment.

Ömeroğlu has also been the Balıkesir Muay Thai Provincial Vice President since 2018.


“There is nothing more confronting in life than fighting. It will teach you who you are…”

Volkan ömeroğlu


KıckBoxıng for chıldren

aım of the chıld kıck boxıng group

The aim of our child kickboxing group is to develop the psychomotor skills of the children of 6-12 years of age which are at the most important periods of their physical and cognitive development, and also to make sports discipline a part of their characters.

The main goal of our child kickboxing group is to train athlete, not fighters. Lessons are based on a system of stretch and personal defense that keeps kickboxing in the center of focus.

ıs there any dıfference between attendıng normal gym traınıng and attendıng kıck boxıng lessons ın ırmak club ?

Of course. First of all, you shouldn’t forget that only clubs can give you licenses. If you want to be a licensed professional athlete, a national team athlete, to participate in championships, matches and camps at home and abroad, you should take courses from federation approved qualified trainers in clubs.

for whıch chıldren ıt's more ımportant?

They will begin to calm down as they learn to consume their negative energy in places where they will not get harmed or harm someone else during training, and when they realize that violence will actually harm themselves.

Since aerobic exercises will increase the amount of natural catecholamines, it will help children focus on their attention.

Physical coordination will increase in a short time with many exercises with and without tools that will support them to improve their physical coordination.

With the sense of belonging to a group and the necessities to communicate within the group, the introverted children will start to be more companionable and social.

By realizing their cognitive and psychomotor skills, they will begin to increase their belief in themselves.

They will involuntarily save their energy before training, as they will have to spend most of their energy in training. After the training, they will spend a calmer home life as they will have already spent their energy.

news from us

we fought for the belt game ın 8 tournaments at tv 8,5

As Irmak Kulüp&Ömeroğlu Fight Team, we fought for belt in 8-tournaments game in the Turkey’s most prestigious event Öncü Fight which is led by doyen of kickbox NusretÖncü on 15th of Feb 2020 at 21:00 at channel TV8,5.(Click for news content)

3 rd place of turkey ın 2 branches at same tıme !

Our athlete Mehmet Can Arslan, who is trained by Irmak Kulüp & Ömeroğlu Fight Team and has been coached by Volkan Ömeroğlu competed in two branches in Turkey Open Kickboxing Tournament held in Antalya on 17th of January 2020 and showed a great performance. He has been third of Turkey 2 times at same time.(Click for news content)

the show contınues ! and the "belt" ıs fınally ın gulf !

With an excellent organization, in the Professional K-1 Kickboxing tournament, led by Rambo Hakan on July 22, 2019, trainer Volkan Ömeroğlu succeeded in bringing the "belt" to Edremit Gulf as the K-1 champion with an extraordinary struggle. Hereby he became the first and only athlete and trainer with a belt in the bay. (Click for news content)

thırd place ın europe agaın !

In the 4th International Turkish Open Kickboxing European Cup held in April 2019, our athlete FurkanŞahin, trained by Irmak Club and Ömeroğlu Fight Team, his technically focused compact training sessions performed with his coach Volkan Ömeroğlu paid off and became the 3rd in the "Youth" category.

we have brought bronze medal to our club as the 3 rd of europe

As Irmak Club and Ömeroğlu Fight Team, we started 2019 again with successes. In 2019, Muay Thai Championships in Turkey, in males big 81kg Class B, our athlete Mehmet Can Arslan got 2nd place of Turkey and has won silver medal

muay thaı class b second place ın turkey

As Irmak Club and Ömeroğlu Fight Team, we started 2019 again with successes. In 2019, Muay Thai Championships in Turkey, in males big 81kg Class B, our athlete Mehmet Can Arslan got 2nd place of Turkey and has won silver medal

shootıng of tv serıes, "sıyah beyaz aşk"

From the Siyah Beyaz Aşk TV Series, starring İbrahim Çelikkol and Birce Akalay

We are in MEN'S FITNESS Magazine.

Kick Boxing and Muay Thai Trainer Volkan Ömeroğlu gave an interview to Men’s Fitness Magazine. Click here to access the details of the interview.

never gıve up !

“You may see me struggle but you never will see me quit”

Volkan Ömeroglu